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 senseIP: GenAI Patent Automation

Patent Process
Automation & Control

Welcome to the first all-inclusive patent platform for inventors. Convert your ideas into protected innovations and market-dominating products with ease.

Patent Your Idea Now.

Zero IP Law Knowledge Needed  | 
Powerful Patent Research, Drafting & Filing 
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“Law firms can’t match the speed and precision of the senseIP platform. In addition to saving thousands of dollars and years of labor (per patent), We have gained full visibility and control over the entire patent process, and therefore, we do not depend on IP attorneys anymore."
Lyron Bentovim, CEO, The Glimpse Group [NASDAQ-listed VR/AR company]

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Better, Faster, and 80% Less Expensive Than a Human IP Attorney.

Experience the Seismic Shift in the Patent Process. 

Research, Landscaping, Market Insights, Drafting, Filing and IP Management - Automated.


“SenseIP is faster, higher quality, more secure and 1/5th to 1/10th the cost of traditional patent submission approaches”

What Does senseIP Do?

The AI revolution for IP

  • senseIP's conversational AI patent genius is a massive paradigm shift for IP creation and management

  • Our agent directs users swiftly through the entire IP research, drafting, filing, and IP management lifecycle

  • The genius understands patent best practices

  • The platform produces stronger, more defensible patents

  • senseIP helps you monetize your innovation faster

Simply put, senseIP is:


More Thorough

More Insightful

More Secure, all at

Significantly Lower Cost

Than any other patent application approach (human or otherwise)!

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Who Was senseIP Built For?

The AI revolution for IP

  • Experienced and first-time inventors

  • Startups, Growing companies

  • Research Universities

  • Corporate Entities

Architected for the brightest research universities and biggest of companies, yet intuitive enough for first-time individual inventors, senseIP has created a revolution, shaking up the tired, old patent submission process. Don’t spend $25,000-$100,000 on the labor intensive, slow and error prone, ancient approach to patents. Let senseIP’s AI patent engine help you produce and manage smarter, stronger, more unique patents while gaining critical commercial insights, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional attorneys!




senseIP's AI-driven, automated intellectual property platform can take a simple idea or well thought out research paper and help you turn it into a crystalized concept, that is protected by a provisional patent ("Patent Pending"), in just minutes. 


  1. Type your idea into Leo, our patent-aware AI agent

  2. Leo asks questions to help fine-tune your idea

  3. Have drawings or schematics? Leo will ask you to upload these

  4. No drawings? Leo  will produce the needed figures for you

  5. Next, Leo  searches existing worldwide patents and related publications to gain commercial insights and display any potential conflicts for your creation

  6. Then, Leo  guides you to refine your concept further, making it smarter, more unique, and more defensible 

  7. When you are done, senseIP automatically submits your application to the USPTO, and your idea is “Patent Pending!”

  8. You will be invoiced for the low fee of $200

Don't need a Provisional Patent? Ready to take the next step and get the full Non-Provisional Patent? senseIP can help you with that too, delivering a higher quality patent, at a fraction of the cost of typical patent submission!


Once you have a few patents in your portfolio, managing them is a time consuming task that requires focus and resources. Example tasks that need to be monitored.

  • What patent office tasks are outstanding for new patents in the pipeline?

  • What conflicts have arisen for new or existing patents?

  • What maintenance payments are due


Our platform automates the portfolio management, ensuring your IP strategy is aligned with your business goal and saves you time and money in the process. 

Think about our platform as your in-house AI-based IP attorney.


Our platform provides a range of tools to help you monetize your IP portfolio. From licensing to enforcement, we help you make the most of your IP assets.

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Why Choose seneseIP?

We are an American company of successful Inventors credited with over 300 patents to game changing technologies.  We saw the limitations of the existing patent process and knew it was time for a change.


We've leveled the playing field for all inventors, helping them achieve the realization of their product or process dreams with the world's fastest, highest quality, secure patents. In fact, we believe senseIP produces the highest patent validity rates possible. 


At just $200 for a fast provisional patent and $5,000 for a granted utility patent (bulk discounts available), you can finally take on Goliath. Or if you are Goliath, you can have even greater success with less risk, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional IP legal approaches. 

The senseIP Solution

senseIP is a highly secure, intelligent AI platform that simplifies the IP patent process, raises the quality and speed of patent filing, lowers costs and ensures the security of  your data and intellectual property are protected and always owned by you.


Our AI engines are built on state-of-the-art large language models, proprietary technologies, and worldwide patent databases, all with the latest in cybersecurity controls. senseIP will guide you through the entire IP innovation lifecycle. This includes the full Ideation/Creation/Patent process and helps you more efficienty control the on-going IP Management process/costs of even very large IP portfolios. 

Like to get started but want to consult an IP expert first?

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