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From "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal" to "...and Boy, Have we Patented it!", Steve Jobs, co-inventor of 1103 patents globally, knew the answer. 


Patent? Why?

Patents are the best way to protect an invention.


Early filing of the patent is crucial to establish 'first-to-file' and priority date and to enable one to discuss his invention openly with other people (customers, partners, investors, employees etc.)

BUT... Isn't patent protection a time-consuming process? A very expensive one? Should I wait until I have more resources? And besides, do Patents these days even worth it?

The simple truth is - Patents are important today, even more than ever.

Time consuming? by the time you read these lines, you could have finish filing of the provisional application! Expensive? not with our AI-based system! $200* and you're done!

So, Why do you wait? Start protecting your idea right now, and not only you'll get provisional patent filed In a few minutes, you'll have a better understanding of the unique aspects of invention and some competition and landscape insights.  

- Final Sale -

Intro price - $200!

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