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Corporations, Large Enterprises

senseIP has been designed for the ease of use by even a first-time inventor but with a feature set and architecture crafted to handle the high speed nature, enterprise scale, complexity and asset libraries of large corporations. With senseIP's feature set, large enterprises can improve management, reduce costs and more quickly identify opportunities for monetization of existing and new innovations.

Filament Bulb

Faster, Better, Lower Costs

senseIP was built with IP Leaders of large enterprises in mind in order to help streamline IP processes, lower costs and improve monetization of innovation. Automating every step of the IP Lifecycle, senseIP brings immense value to corporations through its patent aware AI engines. Large language models have been trained specifically on intellectual property rules and patent best practices in order to create protections faster and at much lower cost. 

Lights in the Dark
Visualizing ideas on board

AI Changes the Game

Proprietary AI engines and a patent aware, conversational AI chat bot, upend the
old IP attorney model.

By driving commercial insights and patent conflict management earlier in the development process (and into the hands of both inventors and IP leaders) means more effective research and dollars better spent. Know in advance if researches are spending research dollars wisely prior to rushing down a crowded or conflcted IP path.

As well, by significantly reducing IP drafting and prosecution costs, leaders can do
more with less.

By streamlining on-going management and understanding annuity schedules, leaders can better align IP spend with company business goals.

Ride the revolutionary wave of change with senseIP!

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