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IP Portfolio Management

IP portfolio management is not just an after-thought that costs you money. Our platform uniquely allows you to understand and make sense of your IP. With our solution, your IP strategy is automatically aligned with your business strategy, to maximize the benefits of your IP, and help you keep costs at minimum.

FULL IP Lifecycle

  1. Information Disclosure
  2. Provisional Patents
  3. Non Provisional Patents
  4. Patent Prosecution
  5. Commerical Insights
  6. Annuities


All your corporate IP needs across the full IP Lifecycle are automatically managed in one singular platform: senseIP! This creates efficiency, reduces the required number of shared tools and provides cost reduction.

Automatic, smart management

Our AI engine automatically and continuously analyzes your portfolio, making sure critical payments and tasks are visible and under control and helping you focus on the most important tasks.

AI-assisted ongoing search 

Don't spend hours or days in patent searches. Our platform provides AI-assisted search engine that provides you with the right results, summarizes them, and saves you time and money. 

Business to IP correlation

Automatically synchronize and align your business and product goals with your intellectual property goals, making sure your IP provides protections that matter. Stop wasting money on patents that no longer matter.

Competitive Intelligence

Detect your potential competition and get insights about markets and conflicts. Understand the gaps in IP protection and your freedom-to-operate challenges, addressing them in real-time.

Reduce your IP budget!

By providing smart recommendations on annuities and patent maintenance, our platform can reduce your IP budget by 10%-20%!

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