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Who was senseIP built for?

Architected for the brightest research universities and biggest of companies, yet intuitive enough for first-time, individual inventors, senseIP has created a revolution, shaking up the tired, old patent submission process. Regardless of size, let senseIP’s AI patent engine help you produce and manage smarter, stronger, more unique patents while gaining critical commercial insights, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional attorneys!


Intuitive and simple to use, senseIP levels the playing field for first-time inventors and Startups. Validate your concept, guide your development down the right path and protect your ideas in minutes, using senseIP's AI driven chat bot. Save 10's of thousands of dollars in the process. No surprises: $200 for a Provisional and $5,000 for a granted Non-Provisional patent. Want to consult with an expert IP resource? We have those too!

Image by Ofspace LLC

senseIP was built with University Researches and Leaders of technology transfer offices in mind, in order to help streamline IP processes, lower costs and improve monetization of innovation. Automating every step of the IP Lifecycle, senseIP brings immense value to universities. By driving commercial insights and patent conflict management much earlier in the process (and into the hands of both inventors and TTO's) leads to healthier research and massive cost savings. By consolidating tools savings and efficiencies are realized. By significantly reducing IP drafting and prosecution costs, TTO's can do more with less. Ride the revolutionary wave of change with senseIP!

Research Universities
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