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Patent Creation

Simple. Insightful. Better results. Affordable.

As inventors, we build the ultimate platform for our fellow inventors to protect their inventions. There's no time to waste, and there's never extra funds to spend on old-school patent process. With our ground-breaking technology, your patent drafting, filing and prosecution (office actions, rejections) are done better, faster, cheaper and with more insights you gain from the process.


Fast Start

Whether you filed a provisional application via our system, or haven't filed any provisional, starting the patent creation process is as simple as clicking a button. Our AI-base chat-bot will guide you through the simple process.

Keep an eye open...

Unlike most IP attorneys, our platform generate the patent claims while searching and analyzing every potential prior art, making sure it captures your unique inventive steps in light of the potential competition.

That's it?

Yes. We are done. You will be amazed how fast and efficient the process is. And you can rest assure that we've got your back, and your innovation is secured.  Our platform will keep tracking your application and will automatically respond to any office action, with no further cost to you!

Best IP attorney practices

Our platform's process leverages the IP practices used by the best patent attorneys. It automatically generate claims, add use-cases, create figures and detailed description, all based on your initial input and questions posted by our chat-bot.

Think like a patent examiner

As an extra step, our platform validates subject matter eligibility, and fixes any potential issues, decreasing the risk of getting hit by a 101-rejection. 

There's life after filing

Now that your application is filed, we can assist with other aspects of your innovation and IP protection. Our platform provides management capabilities that leverage the AI engine to make sure your business is protected and aligned with your IP strategies. Learn more here about our IP Portfolio Management.

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